Well Hello There

Say hi to CLO, your BFF, with a really large wardrobe.

What We Stand For

We, at Closet on Cloud, are championing a new model – you need not own an outfit to look beautiful in it.
We want to enable women to look great, evolve their style and wear something new, every day,
all for the price of one new top. Yes, you read that right!
The CLO experience is less about renting, and more about truly enjoying the age-old concept of sharing.


Our Story

From the beginning, Palak and Prachi, had a passion for fashion, but were Chartered Accountants by profession. While their passion made them shopaholics, their CA sphere made them huge value seekers. A smart deal was struck – they would share their wardrobes to reduce those mounting shopping bills.

It worked brilliantly! In addition to saving money, it was quick to yield an unexpected benefit – the opportunity to experiment with new styles. Soon, Prachi was shining in a glitter sequenced top she wouldn’t imagine buying, and Palak was glowing in a yellow skirt she’d never pay for. And yet both the outfits led to many compliments.

They enjoyed this experiment and over the years, that growing wardrobe opened up to close colleagues, cousins and comrades.

With every thank you note they received from people to whom they lent their clothes to, they realized the deep impact looking great had – it meant feeling good, which in turn, generated a volume of confidence. Many thank you notes later, Closet on Cloud was born – an endless wardrobe for all women.

Life is too short to settle for 2 outfits when you like 10, too short to not experiment with a new style, and definitely too short to wear an outfit more than once. But since the bank account is limited, Closet on Cloud attempts to let you have all of that for the price of one new top. It’s basically like your best friend, with a really large wardrobe.